Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Welcome to the "Into The Cool" Blog

Welcome !

The following blog is a companion to the Into the Cool book and website and is a forum to respond to many of the issues we raise in the book. Although we are proud of this book, we are even more excited about the information conveyed in Into the Cool: Energy Flow,
Thermodynamics, and Life. This paradigm shows the scientific basis for progress and evolution that the creationists would like to say is so unlikely it must be divine. In addition, it explains complexity on the basis not of computer simulations but of energy itself. As powerful as the evolutionary perspective is, we believe we make a strong case that complexity’s origins are energy based, and that reproduction with variation is a special case of a more general phenomenon. However, this general phenomenon, based on thermodynamics second law, is natural not divine. That said, we are in no way hostile to spiritual perspectives: indeed, we believe the view presented in Into the Cool has the potential to bring science and religion into a new unity that goes beyond both the blind faith and wishful thinking of religion and the overly mechanical perspective of science. Please participate in this discussion of these important scientific and cultural issues.

Eric D. Schneider and Dorion Sagan


pollywog6 said...

I have been fascinated with how you managed to take the best of science and philosophy, and make those two disciplines user-friendly to laypeople, without "dumbing it down". Deep congratulations to you for your work.

The implications to society, our Earth, and our selves, of the NET studies seems almost infinite in their practical consequence! They also are a bit frightening.

Your succinct, poetic statement, “Life is a terrible and beautiful process deeply tied to energy, a process that creates improbable structures as it destroys gradients”, gives the previous content a perfect period. A wonderful summation of the previous information, and a great preview of where it might lead.

Another standout statement; “Those beings that best access, store, and deploy energy, or the informational means to do at a later date, prosper.”, brings us right into the questions of just how *do* we best perform those ways of utilizing energy, in turn bringing us to how we currently utilize energy already changed by other life forms, and therefore those life forms, themselves. “Children of the Sun”, indeed.

I have not finished reading, so I imagine there will be much more for me to absorb and consider, but I did want to say this much now. Most especially, I am so glad to have a cohesive tome to read, that helps look at those questions we have, but as laypeople, may not have the “language” for. You are making many ideas into concrete concepts we can intelligently speak of and address. Thanks!

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